Shard Mob Type Level Map Area Location Coordinates Other Info
Beryl Bullcroaker Beast 42 Sig Trollshaws Tal Bruinen N of last n in Bruinen
Beryl Akharn Man 45 Sig Angmar Fasach-Falroid W of Donnvail Roams
Beryl Caitir Adder-kiss Man 43 Sig Angmar Fasach-Larran N of LAR in Larran
Beryl Chillgrip Beast 43 Sig Angmar Fasach-Larran Between Fasach's 3.7N 37.5W
Beryl Danghal Beast 43 Sig Angmar Fasach-Larran Between Fasach's 3.6N 37.3W
Beryl Dugald Storm-Fist Man 49 Elite Angmar Himbar S of MB, N of split
Beryl Donakh Man 42 Sig Angmar Ram Duath SE of Aug, North of M in Ram 2.5S 37.1W
Beryl Durbskut Orc 48 Elite Angmar E Malenhad W of second O in Gorothlad 2.6N 26.2W
Beryl Garnair Iron-Tongue Man 50 Sig Angmar Nan Gurth NE of first N in Nan 6.1N 24.3W
Beryl Gwigon Spider 42 Sig
Beryl Hewn Giant-Arm Dead 48, 49 Angmar Imlad Balchorth S of L in Balchorth 4.7N 30.2W
Beryl Latub Orc 48 Sig Ered Luin Sarnur Great Hall Need Special Weapon?
Beryl Malgen Man 48 Sig Misty Mountains 24.6S 81.E
Beryl Mamar Orc 48 Elite Angmar Mor Maudhul S of road, N of Duv. 3.0N 27.7W
Beryl Morkar Orc 52 Elite Angmar Nan Gurth N of Nan 6.7N 23.9W
Beryl Snowback Beast 49 Elite Misty Mountains
Beryl Sulmog Beast 48 Sig Misty Mountains North High-Pass All the way N from P in Pass 20.8S 7.9E
Beryl Swale-Singer Beast 45 Sig Angmar W Malenhad N of EN in Malenhad 0.0N 30.6W
Beryl Antlered King Beast 47 Sig Misty Mountains North High-Pass Between E Bruinen and N HP 22.6S 4.0E
Beryl Umnen Dead Sig Bree Haudh Iarchith Need Special Weapon?
Ruby Achathrin Lone Lands Amon Ros
Ruby Asht Warg 21 Elite Lone Lands Minas Eriol S of last N in Inn, inside cove 34.9S 38.9W
Ruby Bartas Troll EliteM North Downs Etten Caves
Ruby Blugasht Orc Sig Lone Lands Ost Cyrn
Ruby Corintur Wight 16 Sig Bree North Barrows NE of RR in Barrow 21.9S 54.5W
Ruby Khurshat Beast 27 Sig North Downs Kingsfell S of GS in Kingsfell 12.8S 43.8W
Ruby Mosal-Gurz Orc 30 Sig Lone Lands EW Road NW of Last Bridge 32.8S 24.5W Kill stuff in area first
Ruby Durharna Troll 21 Sig Bree Nen Harn At the coast, near Tarburz
Ruby Shauk Orc Lone Lands Naerost SE of last S in Weather Hills 30.7S 34.6W
Ruby Thaukoth Beast 24 Elite North Downs Annundir
Ruby Kraur Warg 26 Sig Lone Lands Dol Vaeg
Ruby Durphadir Dead 28 EliteM North Downs Fields of Fornost
Ruby Moss-Back Creature 28 Elite Lone Lands Haragmar
Ruby Skrithmoz Orc 28 Sig North Downs Meluinen
Adamant Azuzol Spider 14 Sig Ered Luin Haudh Lin
Adamant Bleakwind
Adamant Darkheart
Adamant Driftmane
Adamant Galin
Adamant Glimmertail
Adamant Gorthir
Adamant Kutotaz
Adamant Malglok
Adamant Nulnakh
Adamant Steelmaw
Adamant Styggur
Sapphire Corintur Dead 16 Sig Bree North Barrows W of RR in Barrow 31.8S 54.4W
Sapphire Eitor-Kalsak
Sapphire Ironhide
Sapphire Moringol
Sapphire Naegarch
Sapphire Wildthorn
? Klakki Lone Lands Haragmar NE of last R in Haragmar, S of GA